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If you want to play logo dictation games, I believe that many people can easily draw Nike logo. The simple, yet dynamic, hook-type logo is paired with the brand slogan “Just do it.” It fully embodies the tone of the brand. However, the role of this trademark plus slogans is not limited to convey the sense of brand, they will also bring huge additional benefits to Nike each air max 96 black, Recently, the International Consortium For Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published a series of leaked documents called “Paradise Files.” This document was completed by ICIJ and 96 news agencies. It disclosed many large companies and individuals avoiding taxation abroad, including Nike, from Sneaker News in the Netherlands and companies with the end of the name “CV”. It is a “limited liability partnership”, a very special existence. It is particularly favored by large multinational corporations because it can evade taxation in the Netherlands and avoid taxation in other countries outside the Netherlands. Starting from Dutch law, such companies with “CV” ending profits will be affiliated with the companies’ partnerships and should be taxed on the basis of the local governments of these partnerships. Therefore, if the “CV” company’s partnership is not in the Netherlands, then the Dutch government will not receive their taxes. However, for other countries, since the company with the end of the “CV” is located in the Netherlands, it should be affiliated with the Dutch government’s tax administration, so other countries will not charge the “CV” company tax. As a result, these Dutch “CV” companies do not have to pay taxes to any government and naturally become the darling of the “tax avoidance circle”. Of course, even though it is a subsidiary company, Nike did not set up an office or recruit employees for Nike Innovate CV. The existence of this company is limited to the registration in the Bermuda Business Registry and registration in a law firm named Appleby. file. As Nike transfers its intellectual property to Nike Innovate CV, the company’s annual global average tax rate continues to decline.So, how are we recently? In short, I think it’s good. Our Europe has contributed to a long-term favorable taxation agreement and has stabilized a considerable advantage. Nike CEO Mark Parker said at the end of the year 2006 conference call. It turned out that the Dutch government had already agreed to provide Nike with a 10-year tax incentive. Mark Parker, from Sole Collector Afterwards, Nike transferred its own company’s intellectual property assets such as trademarks and design to Nike International Ltd, a subsidiary of Bermuda, a tax haven. Therefore, all Nike products sold outside the United States must pay royalties to this subsidiary company. In the next three years, Nike’s after-tax income surged by 55% to US$1.88 billion, and the effective tax rate dropped from 34.9% to 24.8%. “Paradise Files” wrote:As of June 2014, the transfer of intellectual property helped Nike push its overseas assets to a high of US$6.6 billion. Although 10 years long, there will always be an ending day. Nike, a rainy day, with the help of the law firm Baker McKenzie, came up with a new method before the preferential tax ended. In 2014, Nike transferred the intellectual property owned by Bermuda Nike International Ltd to the Dutch company Nike Innovate CV.